Principled Planning

Maximize Family Value

  1. Lifestyle
    Our priority in planning with families is to ensure that the plan that we design for them allows them to maintain their current lifestyle.  Our number one objective is to make sure that a family’s new plan does not limit their chosen lifestyle or make them feel financially “squeezed” in any way.
  2. Business
    Our objective in our planning with business owners is to provide a plan that can help them maintain or improve their business enterprise value.  Much like a family, a business has its own unique personality, challenges and opportunities that must be managed.  When business is conducted with family members, the importance of addressing these issues is magnified.
  3. Inheritance
    We work with families to help them determine the appropriate inheritance for their heirs.  This is one of the most important areas of planning and few parents have given this matter much careful thought.  Our objective is to help parents evaluate their children – their strengths, their weaknesses, their needs, etc. – and to help them craft an inheritance that can help fund life opportunities without accidentally passing on such a large sum that the inheritance ends up allowing heirs to choose to live unproductively.

Minimize Taxes

Our planning aims to help families reduce or eliminate estate and capital gains taxes on their capital.  It also reduces their annual income tax bill by effectively utilizing combinations of both short term and long term planning strategies.

Optimize Giving

We help families discover opportunities to optimize their financial giving to ministries and non-profit organizations they see making an impact in the world.  This planning can provide avenues to pass on values, as well as build family unity.  We also encourage families to discover how giving time and talents can provide additional opportunities to share wisdom with the next generation.