Kingdom Architecture: Building for Eternity

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E Six-Thirteen has pioneered a learning path that will completely transform your business.  Through a series of six sessions, two for the The Bachelor’s Program and four for The Master’s Program, we will help you refine the way that you and your teams look at planning for your client families.  We will equip you with a blueprint to better serve both your clients and the Kingdom of God.  You will return home after the first session equipped with the necessary skills and tools to immediately engage clients in a new conversation that will enhance their decision making and allow you compensation for your guidance and solutions.

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One of the key components of our Kingdom Architecture training program is having the class participate in a Doing Good Day. Doing Good Days are local community service projects in partnership with non-profit agencies. These projects allow our participants to get a feel for what they can create in their own communities after they return home from training. Doing Good Days are the perfect opportunity for advisors, their clients, their families, and their staffs to make a profound impact in the local community through some meaningful hard work. Doing Good Days, such as the one captured in the video below, foster an environment where we get to be the “hands and feet of Christ” to our own communities.

This video was taken as part of our June 2015 training session with advisors from 7 different states.