Doing Good Days

Doing Good Day – Helping out Ms. Betty

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Event Recap: Our service project at Ms. Betty’s house was a tremendous success! We were so excited to see multiple families join together to accomplish some very tedious yardwork. With the help of all of these families, we were able to collect bag upon bag of leaves, clean off Ms. Betty’s roof and driveway, and even accomplish some minor landscaping, like cutting down a small tree! But more important than all of those things, we were able to bring joy to Ms. Betty’s heart! Seeing the smile on her face and hearing her frequent thank you’s were evidence of a job well done. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this day a success!

Doing Good Day – Kids Helping Kids Bake Sale!


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Event Recap: Our kids had a great time being in charge of our Doing Good Day Bake Sale for Kids Helping Kids again this year! We had some great baked goods created by our families and by some of our amazingly talented client families as well. Thank you for all who contributed and participated, it was a great turnout with lots of delicious treats available for purchase. The kids were a little nervous, but after the first 15 minutes they were selling like professionals! A huge thank you to Walgreen’s for letting us use their sidewalk again for our sale. The kids raised $300 for Mercy Project to help in the freeing of child slaves in Ghana. Thank you to all who donated, participated, baked and came out to show your support!

Doing Good Day – Danielle Inn

Event Recap: While our day may have started out with uncertainty as to how we could help, it ended with more to do than we had time to do it in!  The Danielle Inn property is beautiful with sprawling acres and a striking white house with wraparound porch overlooking a large pond.  The morning began with a tour of the home by House Mother Connie.  She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with so many volunteers.  We had an amazing 27 people come out and help on Saturday!  Someone mentioned that it was “Deep Cleaning Day” and usually this means the mothers (expectant and new mothers) were deep cleaning the huge house.  Not this time! As soon as the tour was over we were all finding tasks and digging in.  We did everything from moving furniture, cleaning baseboards, scrubbing down the kitchen, to making small repairs and working on landscaping.  Two hours wasn’t enough time, but we surely gave them a good start.  All in all it was a great turnout, and a great day with more than enough work!  We might even make Danielle Inn our annual “Spring Cleaning” Doing Good Day.  Thank you to the many volunteers who come out, we are blessed!

Doing Good Day – New Heights Therapeutic Riding

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Event Recap:
We joined forces with Gotcha6 to volunteer out at New Heights on April 12th. We had a great turnout, thank you to all who joined us! We worked with Stephen and Michelle from New Heights to stage tables, chairs, food, coolers, tents, and other items so they were ready to go for the event on Sunday. The unusually high winds they had that day prevented us from getting to set up everything, for fear it would blow away. Overall it was a great time and as always we were excited to help out such a great organization!

Doing Good Day – Covington Food Bank

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Event Recap:
Our Doing Good Day with Covington Food Bank was record breaking! We had a great time volunteering alongside Covington Rotary on Feb. 11th. The day was a theme of box related activities; making boxes, filling boxes, giving out boxes, and tearing down boxes. The day could have been warmer, but you couldn’t tell by looking at the smiles on the faces of the whopping 25 volunteers who came out to help! We heard 9 was the highest number of pallets completed in a day (a pallet of boxes filled with food about 3 boxes high and maybe 5 wide). This happened around Christmas one year. We set our goal for the day of beating that record by the time we left at noon. We didn’t just beat it, we smashed it with 17! We finished so many pallets they ran out of pallet to fill! We hope this is setting the pace for numbers of volunteers and the amount of work we can finish for each non-profit we work with! Thank you to all who came out! Together we can make a difference!