The Charitable RMD

Our focus is to help you find areas to improve your family and business value, your taxes and your giving.  In 2015 Congress made permanent some legislation that may help you manage your taxes while also optimizing your giving.  If you are over 70 ½ and own a retirement account, you may be required to […]

Blessings in the Rain

The Dunavant’s are home and survived the Do Unto Others Adventure 2015 to Mexico.  As always it was an incredible blessing to our entire family.  There is something about serving others that always leaves you more blessed than the family you served. See pictures here. This year was a brand new adventure.  On the second […]

Doing Good Day – Danielle Inn

Event Recap: While our day may have started out with uncertainty as to how we could help, it ended with more to do than we had time to do it in!  The Danielle Inn property is beautiful with sprawling acres and a striking white house with wraparound porch overlooking a large pond.  The morning began […]